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Functional Nutrition
Uncover the vibrant and energetic life you deserve.

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Get to know me....

I truly believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, including the food we eat.

Food is about nourishment, but also about love, connection, comfort, and making memories. ​

Not only do our daily choices influence our health, but our perception can impact our digestion, nutrient absorption, and therefore overall well-being.  ​


Taking into consideration your priorities, I utilize tools such as medical nutrition therapy, functional testing, and food relationship counseling to offer individualized therapeutic plans to create sustainable changes for all seasons.

​Using a functional approach means investigating the individual as a whole. We'll uncover and address the root cause of your symptoms - may it be nutrition, lifestyle or emotional. ​Through food and lifestyle modifications we can enhance the body's natural process to restore balance.​


By bringing clarity to how food and nutrition play a role in your health, my goal is for you to feel empowered to live the vibrant and energetic life you deserve!

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Portland, Oregon

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