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Uncover the vibrant and energetic life you deserve.


Why functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition is a whole body approach to understanding why you are experiencing symptoms.​ This is not a "band aid" or a fad diet. Instead we will work to uncover and address the root cause of your symptoms for long lasting improvements to your health.  Through food and lifestyle modifications we can enhance the body's natural process to restore balance and heal.

Learn how to support your individual needs.  

There should never be a "one size fits all" nutrition plan. Not only do your daily choices influence your health, but your genetics, lifestyle, and perception can impact your digestion, nutrient absorption, and therefore overall well-being. This is why healthcare should consist of a multi-faceted approach. 
It can feel overwhelming to understand what food or lifestyle habits support your health. It is my goal to bring clarity to conflicting information and make it a seamless process to create dietary and lifestyle modifications that stick.

What to expect...

Taking into consideration your priorities, I utilize tools such as clinically proven protocols, functional testing, and food relationship counseling to offer individualized therapeutic plans to create sustainable changes for all seasons.By bringing clarity to how food and nutrition play a role in your health, my goal is for you to feel empowered to live the vibrant and energetic life you deserve!



4412 SW Barbur Blvd #220

Portland, OR 97239





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